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Welcome to Design Bum

You’ve found your way to Design Bum, a flooring & future general home improvement resource for both DIY’ers and super-researchers.

DB was created as a training ground for future flooring experts. Whether you want to know more about laminates, wood-look tile, hardwood, bamboo – you name it. We are going to cover it.

What Sets Design Bum Apart

I’m glad you asked.

This isn’t going to be a one-way street. We’ll provide an expert-curated encyclopedia of sorts for all-things flooring. The community will provide Design Bum’s truly special element.

You see, we named ourselves ‘Design Bum’ to throw everyone else off – a misnomer, of sorts.

One day, we’re all going to band together, and know so much about flooring – all because of the community built around DB.



Too ambitious?

Also yes. Lets tone it down.

Come along and follow the journey as we explore the pros & cons of the various flooring types out there. After all, we only have one floor we get to walk on while we’re in our homes.

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